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Cloud is changing the pace of decision making for IT. It’s a careful balance of speed, cost and quality. Due to the elastic and on-demand nature of cloud, IT/DevOps teams move faster and change happens quickly and continuously. Organizations that struggle to balance operational and financial control with the new speed of high-velocity decision making look for guidance and best practices to speed up innovation while maximizing cloud performance.

With the right combination of systems, best practices and culture, you can increase your organization’s ability to efficiently collaborate and make intelligent decisions around cloud resources.

In this video, you’ll hear how Ibotta, a consumer mobile technology company, leverages AWS technologies such as EC2, S3, DynamoDB and machine learning to inform intelligent decision making. Using Cloudability, Ibotta has saved millions of dollars in cloud costs, which allows them to reinvest in new initiatives. Scott Bassin, Engineering Director at Ibotta, shows you how he and his team use Cloudability to get visibility into their AWS cloud spend, enabling them to scale and adopt new cloud technologies faster.

In this video, you'll learn how to:

  • Strategically plan your cloud adoption
  • Build a cloud operating model (people, process, tools)
  • Implement a cloud cost culture in your organization

Your Speaker:

Scott Bassin

Scott Bassin
Engineering Director, Ibotta
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