About the Video

The use of machine learning has grown significantly over recent years, and AWS’ services provide the solid cloud-based backbone to effectively scale machine learning.

But what does it really take to scale machine learning efforts? We brought together experts from DataVisor and AWS to give you their first-hand insight into crafting machine learning systems on the cloud.

DataVisor’s unsupervised machine learning is at the core of their industry-leading fraud detection systems. It’s the sophisticated heart of their technology, and this is perfect chance to tap into their knowledge about how to build your own machine learning systems.

In this video, you'll get deep dives into machine learning cloud architectures. If you’re in data science, on the data team, or have ever wanted to expand your machine learning efforts, then this video is for you.

In this video, you'll

  • Learn why unsupervised machine learning is such an effective methodology
  • Get a detailed look under the hood of DataVisor’s machine learning architecture
  • See how DataVisor built out their pipeline using tools like Spark, S3 and MySQL
  • Understand how to double your machine learning power without spending more
  • Learn how DataVisor accelerated its purchasing process with AWS Marketplace

Your Speakers:

David Ting

David Ting
VP of Engineering, DataVisor
LinkedIn Profile

Gideon Wulfsohn

Gideon Wulfsohn
Partner Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
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