About the Video

Cloud Nation is the leading provider of cloud desktop solutions using AWS cloud. Cloud Nation uses Cloudability to deliver accurate cloud financial data for on-time, accurate and consistent cloud usage billing for its customers as they grow on AWS. Using best practices such as tagging, account management with accounts and sub-accounts recommended by AWS and Cloudability, Cloud Nation has automated the entire cloud financial and billing process and saved a significant amount of waste, eliminating errors and delivering consistency and predictability to the business. In addition, Cloud Nation is using Cloudability’s optimization capabilities for rightsizing and reserved instance planning to pass additional savings to its customers, a manual process which was extremely difficult and time consuming to undertake before implementing Cloudability.

Key Takeaways:

  • The impact of accurate and timely financial reporting for your cloud
  • How using optimization to leverage the power of cloud helps you gain competitive advantage
  • How AWS Marketplace accelerates your adoption of Cloudability

Your Speaker:

Rocco Corage
VP of Operations, Cloud Nation, Inc.
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