About the Video

Reserved Instances (RIs) are crucial for controlling your AWS spend, but sometimes companies struggle to develop their own buying strategy. We’re here to help you understand them better and figure out the best way to kick start an effective RI strategy in your company, along with giving you insights into the process.

In this webinar, you'll

  • Find out why a centralized RI buying strategy can drive greater savings
  • Understand the intricacies of how AWS RIs work
  • Leverage advanced techniques like Instance Size Flexibility and Convertible RIs
  • Learn how to overcome organizational challenges to implementing an iterative and frequent RI buying strategy
  • Understand the impacts of amortization and allocation based on where RIs are applied
  • Learn more about those changes and find critical ways to improve how you buy, modify and convert RIs to get the most savings

Your Speakers:

Keith Jarrett
Worldwide Business Development Lead - Cost Optimization, Amazon Web Services
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J.R. Storment
Co-Founder, Cloudability
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