About the Video

Are we getting the most out of our cloud resources? Are we using the right kinds of services? How can we decrease our growing cloud bill?

Wrangling a complex cloud infrastructure brings up these kinds of questions for technology leaders at companies of all shapes and sizes. For Cloudability, using our own methodology and product to rightsize our cloud resources resulted in a 40% savings monthly. Learn our methods and principles for transforming a costly cloud into a revenue generator for your business.

Our CTO, Erik Onnen, tells our cloud efficiency story and shares some best practices.

You’ll Learn:

  • Key operational efficiency mantras and metrics
  • Cloudability’s DevOps-focused and agility-first model for empowering teams
  • Our process of continuous cross-team cloud resource optimization
  • Example exercises to drive cloud efficiency immediately

Your Speaker:

Erik Onnen
CTO, Cloudability
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