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Proper Reserved Instance (RI) amortization lets you identify the true costs of AWS resources, like EC2 instances, at any given time, throughout their RI terms. In this webinar, discover the dos and don'ts of RI amortization, why the cash method doesn't work for every org and how these practices can track the cost-efficiency of RIs over time.

In This Video We Explore:

  • Why RI amortization (and complying with GAAP) could matter to your org
  • How to properly amortize your RIs to meet accrual-based accounting needs
  • Examples of amortizing 1- or 3-year RIs, and how to draw insights from this data
  • Building key reports that can help your Finance teams make better sense of RI costs

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J.R. Storment

J.R. Storment
Co-Founder, Cloudability
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