How to Plan, Purchase & Get the Most Saving Power from Your RIs

Reserved Instances (RIs) can save you a lot of money with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Using RIs, our customers routinely save 30% off the On-Demand price. It's enough to make any company sit up and take notice. But there's a catch. While RIs can yield substantial savings, a misstep can erase your hard-won ROI, or even cost you dearly.

At first glance, RIs can seem extremely complicated, but you don't have to be afraid of them. When used correctly, they can be one of the most powerful cost-saving tools AWS provides. Any company looking to lower their cloud costs should take the time to get truly familiar with RIs.

That's why this e-book is here. We'll walk you through:

  • What RIs are - RI basics, including what they are, how they're applied and your RI options
  • How to build an RI plan - Tips, tricks and a dependable model to create your RI strategy
  • Working with RIs - Modifying and exchanging RIs to adapt to your changing infrastructure
  • Managing RI Portfolios - Best practices and tools to create continuous cloud cost management.

We're not going to lie — it takes a bit of work to get a solid RI system in place. But once you do, the rewards are worth it. Download this e-book and start building your RI system.

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