How to Deliver the Cloud Cost Visibility You Need

We get it. Cloud cost management is complicated. On AWS alone, there are 480,000 unique SKUs for a single hour (or partial hour) of EC2. And that’s only one service on one cloud provider. If that weren’t enough, most organizations have many teams using cloud resources, making allocation and chargeback tricky at best.

That’s why the first step to cloud cost management is visibility. With the right visibility, you’ll be able to start making sense of your cloud spend and usage.

At Cloudability, we’ve helped thousands of companies manage their cloud costs — about $6 billion of cloud spend. Pulling from those experiences and the enormous amount of data we’ve processed over the last seven years, we’ve put together this visibility checklist. Using this checklist, you’ll get:

  • Best practices for cloud cost visibility
  • Detailed explanations of the key pillars of visibility
  • Team views and reports to include in your system
  • A more holistic view of visibility company-wide

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