As companies increase their cloud spend, they’re learning that the centralized, slow procurement processes that worked for on-prem infrastructure are a complete mismatch for the cloud. The cloud is about agile, decentralized, empowered teams and real-time decision making. A viable procurement model must mirror these characteristics.

That model is a new set of patterns and practices called FinOps. FinOps brings together Technology, Business and Finance to master the unit economics of cloud for competitive advantage.

If you’re just starting to evaluate how your company manages its cloud spend, this e-book will help you introduce FinOps in your company. If your company already has a Cloud Center of Excellence or a cross-functional team of people responsible for cloud, this e-book will teach them best practices for ensuring that managing spend is part of their cloud strategy.

You’ll learn:

  • What is FinOps?—what is FinOps and what are its five guiding principles?
  • The Golden Triangle—decide to optimize for speed, quality or cost
  • Involving the Stakeholders—bringing cross-company cooperation to your business
  • The Language of FinOps—common language that can be used across the company
  • The FinOps Lifecycle—the three phases of the FinOps cycle
  • FinOps Lifecycle Activity—specific activities for each phase of the FinOps lifecycle
  • Using a Cloud Financial Management Platform—how a third-party platform can give you immediate control over your cloud spend

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